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pexels-photo-196485First, I have to say that I have started this blog as a way to give all my readers more information about technology, but also to create a place where you will be able to find people who are similar and like to discuss technological issues with the like-minded people. On this blog you will be able to read more about technology, but you should also be able to find a ton of other useful information regarding latest tech devices. Learning more about technology in general, as well as how to put all this knowledge into good use – will definitely come in handy in everyday life.

pexels-photo-29781That being said, here I will regularly post updates about technology as well as reviews of latest devices, smartphones, laptops, tablets, PC games and everything else that is related to technology. Furthermore, here you will be able to leave your comments and opinions as well as share your opinions with other. If you have a topic that you would like to read more about, make sure that you let me know and I will blog about it. Also, I would much appreciate your contribution to my blog, as I am keen on getting the feedback from my readers. [/box]

As for myself, I have always been interested in technology, but I have not contemplated about writing it until recently. The thought about collecting all my experience and gathering it into a blog, has occurred to me some time this year, after giving another exhausting speech to one of my friends and enlisting all the pros and cons of him getting the latest iPhone 6. He was really pleased I gave him a good insight and relevant information, and then he advised me in return that I should start blogging about it, and here we are – me writing and you reading it!

I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in technology, since I have worked in a store that sells tech so I know quite much about it. I often advise not just my customers, but also many other friends as well as other acquaintances on what to buy when it comes to latest tech. Also, I would like to make a blog that will provide the most up-to-date information about technology that will appeal to many readers and give the key information when it comes to tech devices that are fresh on the market.

All in all, I really hope that you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I am enjoying writing it, and also, make sure that you give your contribution commenting on the blog and giving feedback. Also, you can ask me anything you want as well as suggest topics you would like me to cover in my next post. Enjoy reading!